DSC_2226The Ningaloo coastline around Exmouth blesses us with many perfect kitesurfing locations.

Our Teaching Locations

We choose the right spot on the day of your lesson depending on wind strength and direction. But rest assured we guarantee you the best possible learning environment, all our locations have been carefully selected with both safety and progression in mind.

Top 3 Kitesurfing Spots near Exmouth

Sandy Bay

Located approx. 70 km from the township of Exmouth in the Cape Range National Park is Sandy Bay, one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in WA. Sandy Bay offers a perfect place to practise freestyle and free ride. Sandy Bay is a flat water spot with sandy bottom and crystal clear water. It is a perfect spot for the whole family to hang out, relax and cool down in the sea. The best wind direction is South-South-West (Seabreeze) and is mainly used over the Summer months from Mid-August until March.

Town Beach

For those who come up to Exmouth over the Winter months between April and August Exmouth has Town Beach to offer for kitesurfing, don’t leave your kitesurfing gear behind as our Easterlies are very common in the early mornings of our Winter months. Town Beach is close to the town centre and is a flat water spot. It can be choppy at times depending on the wind directions and depth of water. Town Beach is good with any easterly wind direction. It has got a rocky and sandy bottom and is kiteable 3 hrs either side of high tide but not recommended on a low tide as it gets very shallow.


For those interested in kitesurfing waves, Graveyards offers a perfect playground. Over the last few years Graveyards has become more and more popular and known around fellow kiters as a great wavekiting spot. Graveyards is located approx. 25 km from Exmouth town centre and is found between the Lighthouse Caravan Park and Yardie Homestead. The best time to kitesurf is between Mid-August and March and most common wind direction is South-South-West. The bottom at Graveyards is mostly coral, rocks and areas of sand.

For more information on Kitesurfing Spots in and around Exmouth please contact us.

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