Exmouth, the Best Place to Progress your Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding Exmouth

What a great Month we’ve been having Up here in Exmouth, The Kitesurfing has been unreal… Im calling November and December the Months of progression.

For a couple of seasons Ive been totally focused on Wave Kiting to the point where the twin tip has been gathering dust. In fact I can count the times on one hand that I bust out the Board last season.

Whilst Waves are still where my hearts at, Ive rediscovered the sport of kiteboarding. Waves are few and far this time of year but one thing stays the same, Its always windy..

We’ve been having some seriously windy days and some full on freestyle sessions holding onto small kites. Ive definitely found a new enthusiasm for the flat water kiting, really enjoying pushing myself again and re learning some old tricks. Even find myself thinking of what the next move will be and am frothing to kite everyday at the moment.

The flat water of Sandy Bay and Mesa are just perfect for Kiteboarding progression, Is there anywhere better in the world? consistent steady 25knots winds, butter flat water and so much space. I think it would be hard to beat.

Its been great to have so many travelling kiters who share the stoke, nothing better than having a session with others pushing you. Im looking forward to a new year full of progression and new tricks. See you all out on the water soon.

Kiteboarding Exmouth
Kiteboarding Exmouth