How To Wax Your New Surfboard

So you’ve just got your hands on a new surfboard, nothing like laying down a fresh coat of wax on your new pride and joy.

In this Video we show you how we put on a base coat.

Did you know that wax has different melting points and hardness? Generally speaking the warmer the environment the harder the wax as its melting point is much higher. In WA we get away with three different consistencies which I will describe bellow. We keep a constant stock of these waxes throughout the year to suit everyones needs.

Creatures of Leisure Tropical Wax

Always the first wax we put on in any environment, works as the best base coat to build your top layer onto, its harder consistency means it stays on longer and saves you heaps of waxing in the long run. We also use this wax in really warm environments and is our goto in the Summer up here in Exmouth

Creatures of Leisure Warm Wax

This is a great top coat for warmer climates, generally all you’ll need up here in Exmouth throughout the winter.

Creatures of Leisure Cool Wax

This wax suits the southern WA climate, its also good for those that like that little bit extra grip up here in the North West. Its got quite a low melting point for our warmer weather so care is needed when leaving your board in hot places for too long, nobody likes a board bag full of wax 🙂