Kiteboarding Ningaloo with Satellite Phone Backup

As a fully certified and insured Kitesurf school and tour operator working in the remote area of the Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National park, we always keep safety at the top of our agenda. Whilst Kitesurfing In Exmouth provides endless opportunity for amazing sessions and experiences its important to always remember that you are in a remote area and access to emergency contact is not always possible.

This year we took it upon ourselves to work out which method of communication would be the best for us and our customers outside the range of mobile network in the area. If you’ve never looked into this maze of options trust me its no walk in the park. I spent many a frustrated hour searching through forums and websites for the right choice, theres so many different services, from Satellite receivers to various radio signals. I found myself drawing a blank after hours of research.

At the height of my frustrations I was lucky enough to stumble upon Kevin at Sat Phone Sales. What a saviour he was, finally someone who could explain in simple terms exactly what we needed. By a few simple questions such as our location and how we operate our lessons and tours Kevin was able to recommend a Sat phone that would be ideal for Exmouth and more importantly the areas of the Cape Range National Park where mobile signal is not an option. Once we chatted with Kevin for a while we finally decided on the Inmarsat IsatPhonePro

So its been a month since we got our Sat phone and now we consider it part of the team. It doesn’t replace the need to be extra safety conscious in remote areas but its nice to know that in an emergency you have it on hand. We’ve comprehensively tested it throughout the Cape Range National Park and never found it wanting. We are stoked to be able to offer Satellite phone coverage as a further safety measure to our customers on kitesurf lessons and on our future Ningaloo Kitesurfing Safaris.

If your interested in Sat phones for the Ningaloo area I highly recommend getting in touch with Kevin he was so helpful and can save you a lot of time and frustration. At the time we bought he was also offering a best price guarantee too. Cant beat that.


By Tom News