New to 2015 – Power Kite Lessons in Exmouth WA

Interested in Kiting but don’t want to get wet? Kite flying isn’t all about kitesurfing, let Exmouth Surf Centre introduce you to the world of Powerkiting.

Long before the introduction of kitesurfing people were using kites to drag themselves around and have a ball.

Powerkiting also known as traction kiting is the best introduction to the world of kite sports, accessible to everyone and fun for all ages.

Learning to harness the wind with one of our power kites is very satisfying and extremely thrilling. The fast progression with Qualified kite instructors will get you hooked in no time.

Our power kite course needs no prior experience, and because of the different sizes of kites we have available you don’t need to be a body builder to take part, intact you don’t need much upper body strength at all which makes it a great activity for kids and adults alike.

We always start our course with a brief but all important theory session covering Wind and weather, equipment, safety and the wind window. Once this is complete its time to start kiting.

We start the Kite session by teaching you how to use the safety release system, this gives you the confidence of knowing that the kite power can be instantly killed at any time.

Once the kites in the sky we move on to show you how to use the wind window, where to fly the kite to generate power and how to keep control of the kite as it tries to pull you forward.

We start you off with our smallest kite and as you progress move you onto bigger more powerful kites to increase the the thrill as your skill level develops.

We Use Flexifoil Sting Kites for our lessons, they are very forgiving power kites and are perfect for your introduction to the sport. We have Kites ranging from 1m to 3.3m allowing us to safely teach you in just about any wind condition.

All equipment is supplied in the power kite lesson, all you need to bring is Water, Sunscreen, hat and a jumper for our early morning sessions.

Suitable for most ages

By Tom News