Performance Surfboard Hire In Exmouth WA

Performance Surfboard Hire In Exmouth WA

We pride ourselves on our performance surfboard hire range. We are constantly updating the range adding new boards that perfectly suit the local conditions up here on Ningaloo breaks.

We generally keep a range of higher volume shortboards, minimals and longboards in our hire fleet, whilst its always changing the following boards are favourites in the range. Hire prices vary depending on length of hire, starting from $30 for half a day (4 hours). Don’t hang around waiting for the swell to increase … grab a longboard, minimal or higher volume board and get the most out of your surfing in Exmouth.

Heres an example of the boards we have in our hire range as I write this 🙂 6/5/18

MODERN LOVECHILD – 7 foot minimal with a twist, round nose, pintail, great for just about any waves we get up here in Exmouth. This would be the board I would choose as a one board option up here. One of our most popular selling board too. Heres a video of the Love child in action

MODERN HIGHLINE – 6’2 High volume shortboard, this is a wave catching machine and again one of our most popular selling boards in store. Great as a small wave groveller or for someone wanting to experiment with their first shortboard.

MODERN BLACKFISH – 7 foot wave catching machine, great board for easy wave catching in unfamiliar conditions.

MODERN BLACKBIRD – 9 foot minimal longboard, our most popular hire board by far, this gets you out and surfing when you’d otherwise be stuck on the beach.

MODERN RETRO – 10 foot traditional log style longboard, single fin nose riding machine. This catches waves that aren’t even there 🙂 If you’ve ever wanted to have ago at crosstepping and nose riding then this is a fun hire option for a small wave session

ECS DRIFTER – 6’6 Fun machine. This is a cross between a Mal and a surfboard.. Great turning from the pintail with heaps of stability up front.

ECS BULLDOG – 6’2 Shortboard with plenty of muscle and volume under chest, this is a great option for all local breaks… Very easy paddler and performance well.

We are constantly up grading our hire range so send us a message if you are looking for something specific. You can see our surfboard hire rates here. Note that if you choose our weekly hire option you can swap boards as and when you need (availability depending)