8’0″ Noosa Malibu Softboard – Redback

Great Value Entry level Soft Board that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your dial!

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Performance shape suited for both advanced surfers and beginners. Strong, stable and easy to paddle


Size: 8 foot (74 Litres) Extra volume allows you to catch more waves

-3 Epoxy Coated timber Stringers – Adds rigidity and extra strength
-High Performance Fin Upgrade – Improved design fin template for greater dive through turns, less drag and more speed
-Extra Volume – Though the deck for increased buoyancy easier to catch waves
-High Density Slick Bottom – Gives greater speed across the wave
-Generous Rocker – Helps prevent nose-diving and makes turns easier
-Deck Upgrade – Textured deck gives extra grip for confident turns

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Wood, Blue, Pink


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