An absolute classic template that has the ability to take you through controlled trim and curving turns but still leaving you with the hold that grips. To fully understand this versitile fin design, change up the positioning of your placement.

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LV fins have not re-invented the wheel, however keeping a True to classic design and timeless shape for all the best longboarding has to offer. These fins have super stiff flex to stick it down the line and medium guts for an all-round epic ride. Featuring a classic template, perfect for cruising, driving off the bottom and arching through turns.

A well – balanced fin for controlled trimming, driving steadily off the bottom and smooth arching turns will wet that whistle.

These style fins range from 8’ for your mid-lengths all the way up to 11’ for your extra heavy logs.

Get Frothy & Stay hydrated.

-fiberglass construction

-Fits all single fin boxes


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