FCS II Performer Neo Glass Quad Rear Fins – FCS


Balance of speed, flow and response. Suitable for all conditions.

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Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response.
Well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT).
Ideal for surfers who want a reliable ‘All Round’ fin delivering a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns.
Quad Rear 2 fin set.

Ideal Conditions

A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

Board Types

Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
Recommended for all board types.

Fin Family

Performer: Find Balance. A balance of speed, flow & response.

Neo Glass

Neo Glass fins are precision molded using long strand fiberglass and a marine grade polymer. Very affordable yet considered a premium construction due to its high fiberglass content and active flex pattern, these fins will accommodate a wide range of surfers and surfing conditions.

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