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Skin Toned Surfer’s Organic Zinc

Made for a purpose…to block out the sun by providing a physical barrier rather than a chemical barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Made for extended surfing sessions so you can STAY OUT LONGER.

Made to go on smoothly and stay on so well you’ll need a wipe to take it off.

We only use the most natural ingredients to give you a chemical-free sunblock: 30% pure -mineral, non-nano zinc oxide… equals natural SPF 45.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide…has a long history of use as a broad spectrum sun protection. Shielding you from both UVB rays which cause sunburn and UVA rays which penetrate more deeply.

Coconut Oil…Fair Trade certified organic, extra virgin Coconut Oil. Nourishes your skin while blocking out the sun with its own natural SPF.

Cacao Powder…Fair Trade certified. Sustainably farmed. Boosts your skin’s antioxidant protection against UV radiation.

Bees Wax…organic pure bees wax comes directly from local Northern Rivers’ hives. Makes SUNFISH stay on longer and repels water.

Vitamin E…protects against UV radiation and sunburn.

Our chemical-free sunblock is safe to use for all ages. Non-toxic to you and the marine environment around you. Reef safe. Locally made in Australia.
For the best protection apply an even visible layer. It works as a physical barrier so you want to be able to see it. Sunfish stays where you apply it and will not wash into your eyes. Apply Sunfish as recommended for extended surfing sessions. We recommend to re-apply every 4 hours or so.

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