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Pure Wave Riding – Ozone Reo V5

Since its inception six years ago the Reo has been the benchmark is surf kite setting the standard in design, performance and feeling. The industry reference for Pure Wave Riding!

  • Wave riding specific design
  • Versatile performance in all conditions
  • Two Variable Bridle Geometry settings
  • Direct handling, huge de-power, insane drift

This new Version, V5 of the Ozone Reo is the same kite you have grown to depend on for all surf conditions. When nothing but that crazy Reo drift, slack line steering and stability, combined with powerful and pivotal turning can get you into and out of anything your local can throw at you. More than ever you can rely on the Reo V5 to get you onto the best waves and through the most demanding and critical sections. The Reo’s unique flying characteristics allow you to maximize the potential of every wave, giving you the freedom to smash the lip, clear a section, carve turns or snap in the pocket.

The design team has had some excellent conditions in the world’s best wave spot, Mauritius over the past 2 years, enabling them to refine the V5 design to the optimum.

Manufactured in Ozone’s own factory in Vietnam and incorporating;

  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction Designed with OZ-CAD
  • Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron Internal reinforcements
  • Double Stitched Folded Seams
  • Load Distribution Panels
  • Direct Connect Struts
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge
  • Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  • Unique bladder construction
  • Anti-Snag Line Deflectors
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry
  • 4-line Pulley-less System
  • One-Pump Inflation System
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve
  • Back-line trimming options
  • Anti-Flap Soft Battens
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • Fool proof line connectors

Colours other than Orange, Black, or Bright Green can be ordered for an extra charge (custom colour)

All Ozone Inflatable Kitesurfing kites are sold KITE ONLY – Kite only means they come with their storage bag and repair kit only. If you want bar and lines, leash or pump order them separately.

Additional information

Kite Size

6m, 9m, 12m

Kite Colour

Blue, Red


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