Crossover Freeride

A highly versatile delta-hybrid powerhouse, the RS is designed for limitless freeride performance with distinctive surf and freestyle characteristics.



Performance Features

  • Three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with a precision direct feel
  • Versatile performance tailor-made to suit all riding styles
  • Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition
  • Designed to cover a massive wind range with easy upwind travel
  • Precise, fast, and smooth turning characteristics

The RS is an all-round powerhouse, designed to tame any storm, boost massive airs, and master any spot. High-performance versatility made it our best selling kite, getting freeriders instantly psyched, even when chasing waves or popping freestyle tricks. The aerodynamic delta-hybrid design delivers exceptional efficiency meaning most RS riders will be content with a quiver of just two kites to cover the entire wind range. The construction features a medium to high aspect ratio with a huge angle-of-attack, giving the RS extra grunt making it particularly powerful. Combined with its dynamic speed, it truly stands out when going for massive airs, generating bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum when kitelooping.

Packed with nifty features, the RS swiftly travels upwind no matter how gusty the conditions or choppy the waters, and is accessible to riders of all levels thanks to the enhanced direct feel. The redesigned frame structure and new load seam also supports the canopy for extra stability. V5 is not only lighter in weight, but the modified wingtips deliver more direct turning and bar feedback, without too much pressure. With fast flight and turning characteristics, the RS is quick to respond to steering impulses with a constant power development in all wind conditions.

If you want to get psyched in seconds, try the new RS!

RS V5 Changes

  • Pulley-less bridle. Direct bar feedback and less bar travel
  • New Wingtip shape for faster and precise turning
  • Less AR and slightly higher projected area for smoother power generation
  • Thinner TE batten reduces weight for a better profile adjustment
  • Reduced LE tip diameter to avoid bridle catch
  • 10% lighter bladder material made in Germany


The RS V6 is our best selling kite and an all-round powerhouse for freeride performance. The RS swiftly travels upwind with dynamic speed no matter how gusty the conditions or choppy the water. Bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum make the RS kite truly stand out. By removing the pulleys we have achieved an improved ultra direct feel, and the new wingtip shape allows for more precise turning. The RS is quick to respond with limitless riding potential and its stoke is accessible to riders of all levels.


2022 Eleveight RS V5 Kiteboarding Kite

2022 Eleveight RS V5 Kiteboarding Kite

Kite Structure: E/8 Trusted Quality

Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the kite light and agile.

Teijin Techno Force - X4 Ripstop canopy

1 / Teijin Techno Force – X4 Ripstop canopy / XT Tenacity Cloth
The superior X4 Ripstop canopy is strong and tear resistant. The XT Extreme High Tenacity Cloth is a high performance inflatable structure material. Both materials are made by Teijin Techno Force in Japan and guarantee lasting performance and enhanced durability.

Double Bonded Canopy

2 / Double Bonded Canopy
To ensure your kite can take a beating, every seam is glued and stitched for maximum durability.

Quick Flow

3 / Quick Flow
The large diameter of the valve and strut connectors ensures easy and fast inflation and deflation of your kite.

Strut Force Distribution

4 / Strut Force Distribution
Double strut head reinforcement for a solid and robust kite frame.

Short Bridle

5 / Short Bridle
The short 5 point bridle setup with only one wingtip pulley enhances the kite’s agility and the direct bar feeling while reducing the risk of catching the wingtip.

3D Bridle Deflector

6 / 3D Bridle Deflector
Redesigned 3D bridle deflector with structural reinforcement covering the closing seam, decreasing the possibility of bridle wraps.

Canopy Guards

7 / Canopy Guards
Strategically placed Extreme Tenacity canopy reinforcements to eliminate canopy wear and tear including pinholes caused by the valves.

German made PU Bladder Material

8 / German made PU Bladder Material
The toughest and lightest bladder material available, made in Germany.

Safe Connect

9 / Safe Connect
Avoid mixing up lines with the kook proof front- and backline connection points.

Easy Trim

10 / Easy Trim
Fly the kite your way by easily switching between backline trim options with the pull to pull tags.

Load Dynamic Super Seam

11 / Load Dynamic Super Seam
A triple reinforced closing seam along the leading edge makes it practically indestructible. The center segments have a stronger reinforcement as the material load is much higher, compared to the wingtips with their smaller diameter.

Ultra-Light Load Diffuser

12 / Ultra-Light Load Diffuser
Angled reinforcements along the trailing edge diffuse the load and strain on the canopy, making it more durable while improving kite stability and longevity.

Turning Trim Setting

13 / Turning Trim Setting
Trim the kite according to your riding style and wind conditions by switching between different bridle line turning settings.

2 Step Force Transition

14 / 2 Step Force Transition
Optimize load transition between the inflatable frame structure and the ripstop material for improved stability and durability.

Canopy Composition

Canopy Composition


  • Ultra high tenacity polyester yarn


  • 4 x 4 Ripstop yarn with outstanding performance and Quality


  • High temperature resin finish including UV filter

Performance Results


  • Less stretch in all directions
  • Results in precise and responsive flight characteristics

Quality Results


  • Extreme rip protection against peak loads, tears and punctures
  • Less elastic fatigue
  • Enhanced durability with less wear and tear
  • Increased longevity

2022 Eleveight RS V5 Kiteboarding Kite

2022 Eleveight RS V5 Kiteboarding Kite

2022 Eleveight RS V5 Kiteboarding Kite



Additional information

Kite Size

7m, 8m, 9m, 10m

Kite Colour

Dark Green, Blue


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