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The Samurai X spearfishing mask has a reduced volume of less than 80 cm3. Lightweight, compact and comfortable. Ideal for spearfishermen looking for maximum field of view with reduced volume.

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The Mares Samurai X spearfishing mask has an ultra-low volume to minimize mask compensation during the dive . Both the minimalist design and the reduced hydrodynamic profile work together to reduce drag in the water . Its volume is less than 80 cm3.
The structure combining the 3mm lenses and the skirt is extremely compact, light and resistant. The buckles are connected directly to the skirt, and the ergonomic strap guarantees stability and great comfort even after many hours of use.
Samurai X is a compact, light and resistant freediving mask. It is truly the perfect mask for any freediver looking for minimal internal mask volume.
Its key features are as follows:

• Restyling of the historic samurai mask
• Reduced distance between lenses and eyes
• Minimum internal volume less than 80 cm³
• Wide field of view
• Very light frame
• Matte finish with anti-reflective properties
• Buckles on the skirt

  1. Lightweight
    LightweightLIGHTWEIGHTPerfect for long dives and travel.
  2. Wide Field of Vision
    Wide Field of VisionWIDE FIELD OF VISIONThis mask offers great peripheral vision.
  3. Reduced Internal Volume
    Reduced Internal VolumeREDUCED INTERNAL VOLUMEThis mask has a low internal volume meaning it offers a great seal, less buoyancy and is easy to purge.

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