Sun City 2 30″ Surf Skate Astro Red – Globe


A short-length surf inspired swallow-tail cruiser with Slant surf/skate trucks for a surf-like carving experience the Sun City 2 30″ in Astro Red features a Resin-7 hard rock maple paint dipped deck with a tailpad made from Algae foam paired with black griptape.

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Key Features

  • Paint Dipped Deck

    Full black paint dipped deck with red paint flecks and matte top and bottom graphics.

  • Slant Surf/Skate Trucks

    Globe Surf/Skate boards come standard with Slant™ Magnesium Surf/Skate Trucks. They’re roughly 25% lighter than aluminum trucks, have a lower center of gravity with integrated riser pads, and are backed by the Slant trucks guarantee.
    Our boards can be pumped to generate momentum, or pushed like a normal cruiser. They are skateboards after all.

  • Algae Foam Tailpad

    BLOOM™ transforms air and water pollution into a renewable composite material. By harvesting algae from contaminated waters, BLOOM™ creates a petroleum free, organic and renewable material that we are able to use in place of virgin materials in the construction of our tailpads.

Slant™ Surf/Skate trucks

  • So Much Lighter

    Made from Magnesium, and using hollow axles, our trucks are roughly 25% lighter than comparable aluminum trucks.

  • Lower To The Ground

    Designed for you to be closer to the ground, making it easier to push and giving you a lower center of gravity for better control.

  • Quality, Innovation, Guaranteed

    Highly considered design makes Globe boards with Slant trucks the best looking and performing surf/skate boards, backed by the Slant trucks guarantee.

Surf/Skate Guide

This general guide can help you choose a Surf/Skate based on the style of performance you’re after. Shorter wheelbase boards have a tighter turning arc, and a sharper pivot; more advanced riders will feel a high performance edge riding a board with a shorter wheelbase. A longer wheelbase board will have a mellower turning arc; beginner/intermediate riders will feel comfortable with the flowy, drawn-out turns akin to a longer surfboard.

There are no absolutes based on height or weight, so choose based on the style of surfing you enjoy, or whether you want to pump (instead of push) to generate speed more or less.

More than 100,000 trees planted

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium skateboards, we use a significant amount of wood in our production. In order to off-set the timber we use to construct our skateboards, our goal is to engage in forestry efforts that replace far more than we consume.



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