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Adrenalin Surf Sox 1.5mm are made from the highest quality soft neoprene. Ideal for use inside fins for added warmth and protection against abrasions.


These Adrenalin surf socks from Land and Sea are the ideal accessory for protecting your feet and ankles. Before surfing, simply put the socks on your feet before wearing your surf fins. The socks will provide additional warmth and will also protect your skin against minor abrasions.

A combination of flatlock stitching and waterproof glue has been used to secure the three-piece construction of the surf socks. The end result is a pair of light and comfortable surf socks that are also very secure.

The thickness of the high-quality neoprene rubber is 1 to 1.5mm, making this product ideal for surfers seeking a lighter type of surf sock. Because Adrenalin has used neoprene to create these socks, they are extremely comfortable and also warm to offer protection in colder conditions.


-brasion protection
-Flatlock stitching
-Ideal for use with fins / flippers.
-Produced from high-quality 1mm to 1.5mm neoprene
-Three-piece construction
-Note: Newer stocks are coming out as 1.5mm thickness (older 1mm stocks are being depleted)


-Adrenalin has used an impressive standard of neoprene rubber to make these light socks warm and comfortable.
-Wear these socks inside surf fins or swimming pool flippers to prevent against painful abrasions and blisters.
-The three-piece construction of the socks is underpinned by a design process combining flatlock stitching and waterproof glue to create a durable product.
-The 1mm thickness of the socks makes them feel like a second skin.
-Surf fins or swimming flippers can inflict on-going abrasive damage to your skin and cause painful blisters, but there is a simple solution. Adrenalin surf socks are a low-cost way to protect against damage and stay comfortable.

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