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The Stormsure self-adhesive TUFF Tape 2m strips is perfect to cover punctures, and tears on generally flat surfaces such as tents, awnings, inflatables, bivvies, marquees, ripped fabrics, waterproof clothing and many more.

This TUFF Tape is unlike on most other tapes, perfect for fast and long-lasting repairs due to being highly multi-purpose, almost impossible to tear, nearly invisible when applied over colours and comfortable against the skin.

We advise every outdoor enthusiast to keep TUFF Tape handy on camping, hiking or water sports trips. Also sticks well to wood, nearly all plastics, most natural and man-made fabrics, PVC, PU, Leather, glass, metal, painted surfaces, rubber, laminates and many more.


1 x Stormsure TUFF Tape Strip (2.0m long, 7.5cm wide)

Ensure that the surface is clean before using. Peel off backing paper and apply TUFF Tape directly on top of the damage, keeping it as flat as possible. Once stuck down, rub with a smooth, hard object to ensure best adhesion and least air bubbles.


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