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The Black Tip Twin Lens Mask features dual safety tempered lenses and a low volume design. The super-soft silicone skirt helps ensure a great seal. This mask fits nearly everyone.

The low volume of this mask not only makes equalising during descent easier but also reduces the risk of mask squeeze and increases your field of vision by moving the lens closer to your eye. This feature is beneficial to Scuba Divers, Free Divers & Spear Fisherman!

The Twin Lens design has become more popular when compared to single lens masks. Uses two tempered glass lenses.

Diving with a Black Skirt on your mask reduces the amount of ambient light entering your mask, allowing light to only enter through the lens. This makes your eyes more receptive to light and colour, enhancing your diving experience. This is ideal for photographers and videographers!

Made with the frequent diver in mind. Providing some protection to the side of your glass lenses, this aluminium frame will take all the bumps and knocks without the risk of cracking like a plastic framed mask.

Unlike many manufacturers, Hyperion provides a lightweight mesh bag for mask storage. This Mesh Bag protects the mask during storage and transport. Additionally, the mesh bag provides sufficient drainage for a wet mask.


  • 100% Black Silicone Strap & Skirt
  • Twin Lens, Tough-Frame Design
  • Low Volume Mask
  • Tempered Glass
  • Easy To Adjust
  • Comfortable Split Strap


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